Birka The Viking City in Lake Mälaren Stockholm Sweden Discover the history visit, birka. Welcome to, birka, regarded as Swedens first city. The Viking City. Birka - The Viking City in Stockholm Welcome to Stockholm - Birka - Visitstockholm Birka Viking girl was probably not Swedish - The Local Birka is situated on the island of Björkö in Lake Mälaren, Birka was one of the most important trading centers for Vikings. Here at Björkö, in the middle of lake Mälaren. Stockholm, Birka town was based during the 750 s and is today known as Sweden s first city. One of Swedens first real towns. A real Swedish lesbian offered to tell us some things about her hometown. Recently, the name of Birka Paradise has been changed to Birka Stockholm. Strand where you can dance your shoes off in a venue right next to the, well, strand (beach). Sweden is considered to be one of the gay friendliest countries in the world. You can also visit the reconstructed Viking village with its typical forges and weaving cabins. Designs 05 issue of Shippax and received the 2005 Cruise Concept Award. Skansen is well advised. Although the city consists of 14 islands it is often the two land pieces of Södermalm and Östermalm that are mentioned as the two main, and rather different, areas when it comes to going out. Birka Stockholm was the 'theme vessel' of the. The fact that everyone speaks English is of course helpful for tourists.


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Pure indiepop lovers head. When in Stockholm a boat trip is a near must. Not only because my friends and family live there, but because it is a great place to be gay. Air du sing-el Shall we go to mine or yours? Here you take a step back in time as you visit the old market to buy delicious waffles before heading into the zoo where you can bond with Swedish ladies over everything from elks to baby bunny rabbits and cheeky lemurs climbing onto of your.

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The Local/pvs, follow The Local on Twitter. This is a club for ladies who dont mind wearing moustaches and mens clothing whilst admiring burlesque performances, picnicking or challenging society and its norms in general. Stockholms relaxed approach towards us gays means that many straight clubs are worth a visit, too. This womens only club requires membership and has a strict dress code. To get a first glance at the city and its not always tall-and-blonde female population just start walking. This is Bella Qvists guide to the clubs, shops and petting zoos in Stockholm plus key Swedish phrases for the British lesbisk abroad. Every Friday, club Paradise takes over Kolingsborg at Slussen.

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