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Working Group 2


WG2 fosters continuity in funding opportunities and career perspectives, as a result of combined national and European funding schemes, An important aspect here, which distinguishes the WG2 work from other efforts is the perspective of the young excellent researcher.


Current funding schemes often take the form of limited time investments. An important consequence is that research can not always be continued and important opportunities are missed. On the other hand, from the perspective of the young excellent researcher it is important to have career perspectives making a focus on excellent research a viable option.


At the same time, there is a wide diversity in funding schemes and career paths in different countries in Europe. These are not always compatible, and together sometimes fail to guide young excellent researchers into a suitable career. It is important to better understand and spread best practice and to coordinate funding efforts.


WG2 will take a stepwise approach, investigating in each phase a selection of the issues related to this theme. Such investigation will consist of a mapping of the current situation, an analysis of the mapping results, discussions with stakeholders, formulation of recommendations and dissemination.

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