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Working Group 4

At the meeting of Vilnius on November, 13-14th 2013, the WG4 on networking was created and Jauad El Kharraz was named chair of it. During that meeting, it was mainly discussed how to transform the necessary mapping of other European initiatives into a lasting deliverable which also is capable of reflecting in an accessible way all the information that is going to be collected. It was decided to set up a web‐page with an interactive map displaying all 35 COST‐countries with ongoing activities in science policy.

The idea would be to link each country with emerging windows for each of the initiatives it hosts, providing – to start with ‐ the possibility of retrieving further information on

 · size and type of initiative/organization/association

 · contact details

 · main concerns/activities/aims


If smartly done, such a web‐page could serve as a quick search tool for ongoing science policy activities in the 35 COST countries and as such help avoiding the duplication of efforts.
A further idea was to promote such as web‐page amongst the initiatives with the possibility to introduce their actions in an agenda such as to provide wider visibility for their activities as well as have an overview of ongoing or planned actions across the 35‐COST countries with the possibilities to establish synergy events.


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