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has been provided, but the distinct style of one of the most senior artists, Mårten Redtmer, is clearly identifiable. She went above and beyond by helping me book my train to and from Luleå. Despite this, the newer bolts also started to rust and were releasing iron into the wood, which accelerated the deterioration. However, Vasa did not fall completely into obscurity after the recovery of the guns. 6 7 As it turned out, the Imperial occupation of Denmark ended before Swedish intervention was necessary, and a squadron assigned to assist Denmark was retasked to help lift the Imperial siege of Stralsund. escort luleå escort swedish

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Thirty men ran back and forth across the upper deck to start the ship rolling, but the admiral stopped the test after they had made only three trips, as he feared the ship would capsize. Almost all of the iron on the ship rusted away within a few years of the sinking, and only large objects, such as anchors, or items made of cast iron, such as cannonballs, survived. Contents Historical background edit A map of Sweden's territorial gains and losses 15601815. Imagery borrowed from Mediterranean antiquity dominates the motifs, but also include figures from the Old Testament and even a few from ancient Egypt. Vasa is an example not so much of the heavily gilded sculptures of early Baroque art but rather 'the last gasps of the medieval sculpture tradition' with its fondness for gaudy colors, in a style that today would be considered extravagant or even vulgar. On the transom are biblical and nationalistic symbols and images. 65 Literature and popular culture edit Merchandise and books based on Vasa on sale at the Vasa Museum gift shop.


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